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Purveyor of Timeless Luxury

Sounds lofty, doesn’t it? The needlework arts have been around since 10,000 B.C. That’s even before when I was born – now that’s longevity! Renaissance Wares provides our customers with quality artisanal pillows that are timeless accents for your home. They also make wonderful gifts!

Something Different

We set out to create a visual oasis to remind you of the richness of life. Inspired by the beauty, art and heraldry of the Renaissance, our pillows are often visually over-the-top – some are functional but most are decorative. And really, why not? We use velvet, silk brocade and tapestry. If the mood moves us, pillows are sometimes embroidered, stenciled or even hand painted. The word “renaissance” means renewal. Every pillow we create renews our creative spirit. Even in the midst of our manufactured environment, we want you to feel this renewed creative energy.

The Refinement of Hearth and Home

It is our hope and goal through our handmade pillows to give your home an artisanal touch. After a day of meetings, deadlines and fighting traffic, there is nothing more comforting than hearth and home at the end of the day. We hope you will allow these pillows to brighten a corner of your home.

Renaissance Wares creates products for custom comfort

Renaissance Wares was created to design the luxury home décor accents you’ve been searching for but could never find. Our handmade velvet cotton pillows and tapestries give your home a unique appeal that you won’t find anywhere else.